In Boulevard, a strong sense of cinematic presence transitions from the visual language of collage to scripting and directing a highly intense narrative.

Located in Los Angeles, we follow a striking woman, the passenger of a convertible car, driven by an unidentified driver through the city, passing its generic streets, billboards and motels, with an unknown destination. There is a voice-over, presumably hers, that exposes her feelings of obsession. Running parallel to the piece is a dialogue between a man and woman in intimate, but casual conversation about love. The video sequences are frequently suspended, disjunctive and blurred, distorting our visual and emotional sense of place.

At once lyrical and intoxicatingly beautiful, we pass through discrete emotive atmospheres experiencing ambiguity, desire and longing.
-Celina Jeffery

Due to the advancement of technology, this work no longer functions as originally created. In it's place, I have uploaded a video facsimile of the entire browser based work, as it was meant to function, in full screen.

With thanks to Ingrid Veninger, Ashley Tate Hatton, Micheal Montes, Brent kitagawa and Chris Mendis.


email boulevard at 6168 dot org