Intervals explores a series of characters whose investigation of self and identity unfold and elide through a sequence of cinematic interludes. Hovering through an amorphous landscape we begin by observing the mirror images of four animated figures. At once seductive and illusive, these portraits successively expose their most intimate selves through accounts of lost innocence, fear of the unknown, masculine ritual and the mystery of love. Here identity is subject to slippages, distortions, and to filmic alter egos that mimic and echo their subjects’ memory.

Horvath’s innovative use of pop-up windows create a virtual collage that posit identity as a series of random ‘memory acts’ but whose inquiry accumulate into a slowly revealing narrative of the human condition.- Celina Jeffery

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With contributions from and thanks to Micah J. Meisner, Pamela Neal, Chris Soos and Stacy Wan.
Thanks also to Malcolm Sweeny, Clint Roenisch, Gariné Torossian, Karen Machtinger, Marcus Schubert and T. Whid.

INTERVALS is a 2004 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.